Adventurer Trainer Adult Game Download Overview

Adventurer Trainer is a free non-commercial fan-made porn-parody Dating Sim/Visual Novel with RPG elements, set in a fictional universe loosely based on Konosuba and other titles. You will meet familiar characters, embark on exhilarating adventures, solve mysteries and more!


Game Information


Release Date: 2022-05-26
Developer: PastryIRL – Patreon – SubscribeStar – Discord – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Animated, Harem, Loli, Teasing, Virgin, Dating Sim, Humor, Romance, Dating sim, Fantasy, Sandbox, RPG, Turn based combat, Big tits, Big Ass, Handjob, MILF, Ahegao, Creampie, Titfuck, Incest, Exhibitionism, Vaginal Sex, Mobile game, Horror


– +20k words, totaling 101k
– +659 images, totaling 4177
– +10 animations, totaling 70

– +6 Main Events
– +1 Megumin H-scene
– +2 new characters
– +1 REDACTED Events
– +1 REDACTED H-scene
– +2 Luna Events
– +2 Quests
– + Yunyun recurrent event
– +1 Headpat Event for Darkness
– +1 Movie

– Added a new responsive cursor (as well as the option to use system cursor instead)
– Added a playtime counter which can be seen in the Stats screen. Since the previous versions did not track time spent adventuring, initially it will be a little off.
– Added 4 more narratives for the procedurally generated Guild Jobs
– Some choices will now be displayed and greyed out if the player doesn’t have the Skills, Feat, or Reputation to use them
– Updated the Cheats menu visuals

– Added Divine Boons, which are a new type of Curio that can be found during adventuring. They are stronger than conventional buffs and may offer unique effects, but can only be applied to one hero. Hades fans will know what I’m talking about
– Added a new boss fight (which was the most fun for me to implement so far)
– Added Encounters (meeting NPCs while adventuring)
– Certain dialogues in quests will now only happen once instead of every time they are triggered
– Added a new status effects: Shielded, Disarmed, Silenced, DeathCurse
– +6 new enemy types
– added custom loss conditions for certain quests
– some options (like Attack, Flee) will now be disabled based on StatusEffects or the quest
– Added additional on-screen controls for the lockpicking screen
– Updated enemy AI to have memory for more complex decision making
– Duplicate Status Effects will now be consolidated into one icon, reducing visual clutter.

– Added a Casanova feat (a chance to get extra affection at the end of an event), learnable from a new book
– Added a Monster Hunter feat (extra 10% damage to Monster type), learnable from a new book
– Raised Megumin’s base Willpower to 25 and willpower increase on levelup from 7->8
– Megumin’s Explosion can now be used indoors with “Minor Explosion” upgrade
– Some Status Effects that deal damage over time now deal it in % of the units health
– Megumin’s Intense Burns now deals 10% of the target’s health every turn instead of 10 damage
– Cowering now increases unit’s protection to 75%
– Sacred Dispel will now also remove Silence, Disarm, and Death Curse effects
– Darkness’ Bolster will now also apply Mark on her
– Mana Potions will now restore 50 mana instead of 15

Minor changes:
– +2 Books
– +4 Gifts (eventually might be moved to a different shop)
– +4 new Achievements
– You can now work at the construction site during evenings
– Slightly reduced likelyhood of rain on any given day
– Updated the Job selection screen to highlight choice selection (and hide exploits/dangers when no choice is selected)
– Added a game over warning & tutorial when the timer is down to 1 day (because so many ppl have no idea how to play the game)
– Added a fallback system to remove duplicated books when trying to read them for the second time
– Adjusted some popup hint messages to appear at top-left of the cursor instead of behind it
– Added navigational arrows to each Girl info page to provide an easy way to cycle through all girls
– Added an animated glint to collectible items in the background to make them easier to spot
– Reencoded the intro movie in VP8
– Chris can now teach you Advanced lockpicking techniques
– Applied blur to the farthermost background layer in adventuring
– Books can now apply feats to heroes directly
– Books with more than 3 pages will now only show the counter instead of one icon per page in the Book Reading screen

– Fixed the jerky camera upon entering a new room while Adventuring
– Fixed a bug with book reading which could result in “There are still some pages left to read” message displayed even after you finish the book
– Notification screen not showing up SHOULD be fixed now
– Fixed issue with text overlap in Guild Job Result screen
– Fixed a bug which could result in an uncaught exception being thrown in guildwork
– Fixed a bug with Skeleton King AI that could result in an uncaught exception
– Fixed improperly looping animation in Darkness’ “How Far I’ve Fallen”
– Bit of a band-aid solution but achievements not being granted should be fixed
– Fixed Item effects being boostable
– Fixed ability tooltip that could mislead players into thinking Item effects were providing boosts
– Fixed a bug with some status effects not triggering during turn start/end
– Fixed a bug with ability modifiers, preventing ability upgrades from increasing/decreasing damage via multipliers. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug that would case some StatusEffects to be removed after combat, even if they were meant to stay
– Fixed a bug that would reset heroes’ health to max when overhealed and then healed via regular means. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug that would reset overhealed amount when heroes level up. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug where a boss fight could not be instantiated properly. Thanks Leon for the report
– Fixed a bug where using arrows in girl tracker info screen could select locked characters. Thanks Leon for the report
– Fixed hero portraits not using the correct skin when in quest selection menu. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed a bug which would result in an uncaught exception thrown if the last enemy dies to a Damage-Over-Time effect. Thanks M-L for the report
– Fixed medals not displaying correctly in the Hall of Fame

v0.1.6a Hotfix

– Fixed the critical issue with Rin’s bustup images not displaying during guild trigger scenes and throwing an exception
– Fixed some (interesting) clipping imagery in Shark Dream animations
– Fixed wrong image displayed in Darkness’ “Royal Maid” event


– +2 Main Events
– +1 Darkness H-scene
– +1 Aqua H-scene
– +1 Priestess event
– +1 Wiz event
– +1 Dream H-scene (containing the record high 21 animations)
– +1 Bonus Event

– +9k words, totaling 82k
– +436 images, totaling 3518
– +28 animations, totaling 60 (almost double the amount in v0.1.5!)
– Redid the animated scenes in “Closet Pervert”. Replay the scene to check out the new visuals!
– Updated the opening movie with the new visuals

– Upgraded Ren’Py from 7.4.11 to 8.0.3
– Equalized ALL audio files to maintain a consistent volume level (and hopefully avoid earrape)
– Converted (ALL) uncompressed WAV files to OGG, saving tons of space
– Added a skin system, which affects both the pixel sprite and the dialogue bust-up for characters
– Added Discord Rich Presence (disabled by default), for those of you who have no shame or real life friends
– Some Guild Dispatch Jobs will now have choices, which will affect the dangers, exploits, and rewards.
– +2 new Guild Dispatch Jobs with choices
– Redesigned the cheats menu to be more user-friendly (for those who want to cheat in this super easy game). Also, it’s pay2win now
– Added an integrity check which will display a warning if the game was not compiled using my Renpy fork (and will therefore miss the necessary features)
– Added the option to disable shaky camera in the game settings
– Added a new learnable feat (“Art of the Deal”) to reduce merchant prices

– Added two new skins for Darkness, one for Megumin, one for Kazuma
– Added experience bar to the adventuring screen

– Reduced Succubi Cafe’s prices to be more indebtured-adventurer friendly
– Added 3 more books

Minor changes:
– Updated Wiz’s visuals across the board
– Removed animated bustups in favor of static ones in the interest of a consistent experience
– Optimized rendering during adventuring, noticeably increasing average FPS
– Replaced videos in “How Far I’ve Fallen”, “Party on the Streets”, “Importance of Hygiene” and Momo’s handjob scene with VP8-encoded ones to address VP9 issues
– Slight model changes to all models to improve the lighting quality in the current and future events
– Added Log button to the quick menu
– Updated quickmenu for phones
– You can now remove characters from the party in the party selection screen
– Removed Priscilla from the Girls menu
– “unlockgallery” cheat will now unlock all girls
– Added a textbox opacity slider to the Preferences menu
– Adjusted brightness of some blushing effects in “The Entirely Avoidable Ambush”
– Redid Rin’s bustup images (cause she’s cute and deserves cute portraits)
– Tuned down the default amplitude shaky camera a little bit
– Temporarily removed shop & guild job results animations while I’m working on a permanent fix
– “Dining Room” location will now be accessible in the mansion whenever an event is available

– Fixed the game update checker polling the server twice
– Fixed a bug with the GUI appearing for a moment before the end of “Under the Full Moon”
– Fixed multiple clippings across many events
– Fixed a bug in “Importance of Hygiene” related to name variables that could result in a crash
– Fixed overlapping elements with the Itch button
– Fixed the bug with the total number of events being incorrect
– Fixed the party selection screen bug that allowed selecting more than 4 heroes
– Fixed a bug that prevented players from switching out weapons. Also a bug that instantiated a default weapon into the inventory
– Fixed some event achievements not being granted upon completion
– Fixed some “eyeless” visuals in Chris’s event “Cardio”
– (Theoretically) fixed some issues with the popup screen not showing up
– Fixed a bug related to Aqua’s Total Blessing upgrade, which could break her base Blessing skill
– Fixed a bug that was causing erratic screen elements movement during Guild Dispatch minigame

This update is basically Operation Health for Adventurer Trainer. That is, an update focused solely on improving the game. Visuals, gameplay, story, you name it! There are quite a few new things, so check out the GIANT changelog below

– MASSIVE REWRITE! Our king Kazuma is back to his rightful place as the MC, no more body-switching. I have to admit, while I thought it was funny and in line with many other Trainer-type games, it just didn’t feel right and I’ve grown to hate the premise, as have many of you. These changes are reflected everywhere in the game as well. ALL EVENTS have been updated, many significantly, some have been removed, some added, but I can finally safely say that I’m content with the state of the game’s writing now. Proud, even.
– Tons of sprites have been updated! My standards have been rising ever since I started working on this game, and some sprites just did not meet them, so they’ve been updated. Better quality, lighting and shadows, etc. Oh, and Kazuma has eyes now. Don’t ask me how many sprites had to be updated for that. I want to die.
– Tons of backgrounds have been redrawn to meet my newly elevated standards.
– +1 Priestess Event
– +1 Ghislaine Event
– +1 Dust Event
– +1 Roxy Event
– +1 Megumin H-scene
– +1 Aqua H-scene
– +1 Yunyun event
– +13 animations
– +442 images, totaling 3082
– +10k words, totaling 73k
– Total events: 65, including 15 H-scenes

– Switched full-on-random adventurers in the Guild to procedurally generated
– Implemented a custom audio system, allowing for multiple channels, complex transitions etc.
– A whole new HUD for dialogues, including animated character bust-ups. Dozens of unique bustup images per character for each different emotion!
– Added chibi-versions of the main party to use in some events
– Updated HUD for other interface elements, as well as added animated screens to highlights changes in player’s gold
– A new screen for Skills, Feats, and Skill Upgrades! Now using the Power Gems dropped from minibosses, you can increase potency of your abilities or change them in other ways.
– A new screen for Reputation, Stats and Achievements. Oh, and also: achievements! Some of them will also reward you with Gems.
– You can select your party for quests now.
– You can now spend afternoons or evenings in the bath, which will increase your Mana. (or lead to events in the future)
– Changed a lot of older huge .PNG sprites to .WEBP, saving around 30% on space
– Added Church that you can visit to purchase holy water
– Added Blacksmith where you can purchase new weapons and armor
– Added wearables (armor, accessories etc.)
– Optimized reading data files for items/units etc. by preloading them at startup, significantly boosting realtime performance. No more I/O lag
– Added event markers to locations to lessen menu-crawling

Combat has been revamped significantly. You can read about it in detail in this devlog: https://www.patreon.com/posts/73558573
– Breaking all of the enemies’ shields will now trigger an All-Out Attack, incentivizing strategic use of weaknesses
– (After a lot of internal testing, I’ve temporarily disabled weakness limits outlined in the post above. I’m not a fan of how they influenced combat and not sure if I’ll bring them back.)
– Critical hits will now pierce shields
– Boost Points (BP) have been removed in favor of a new Combo system. For each hit targeting a weakness, your Combo score will increase. You can spend it on powering up your attacks in the same fashion BP worked previously.
– Only every other used Combo Point will grant an extra attack. i.e. 2x, 4x, 6x Combo Points will result in 1x,2x,3x extra attacks
– The Turn Queue has been rewritten and works properly now, complete with nice little animations when characters are taken out of combat.
– Known weaknesses will now be highlighted when you select an ability targeting that weakness
– Added a new detailed hint screen which will display more information about the selected ability and its effects on the target
– Floating messages are now animated
– Combat Encounters may contain more than 4 enemies. Extra enemies will show up as reinforcements once a free spot is available
– Abilities’ Conditional Modifiers now work properly (for instance, Aqua’s Turn Undead deals extra damage to undead)
– Abandoning a quest outside of combat will no longer result in a penalty of the lost evening.
– Added Regeneration, Death Protection, Stun, Poison, Bleed status effects
– Added Cure and Cleanse ability effects
– Minibosses will now drop Power Gems (up to 3 per killed miniboss type). This should incentivize players to hunt them down
– Added Troublemaker feat to Aqua.
– A technical bit: spritesheets can now be manipulated to flip in-game, allowing for units to swap sides

– Added Secret Rooms! Stay on the lookout while adventuring, particularly in the Dungeon… You might find something interesting
– Added Boss Fights! Bosses change their behavior, abilities, weaknesses depending on their stages; they also have immunities to different weapon types and should pose a significant challenge.
– Added some animations to the hero info screen and made it feel more responsive
– Added Auto-Combat option to speed up trivial fights.
– Added idle animations with different weapons for heroes
– Yunyun can now accompany you on adventures
– Your units will remember which weapon was selected last and start with it each turn

– Aqua’s Turn Undead is now a Single Target use by default. You can upgrade it to become AOE.
– Aqua’s Heal no longer Overheals by default. You can upgrade it to Overheal.
– Skeletons now only have 1 Shield.
– Direwolves (minibosses) now have 3 Shields and 120 HP
– New Dungeon enemies: Skeleton Archer, Bat, Ghost, Ghoul, Banshee
– Skeleton King now has 5 Shields.
– Added Liquid Fire Potion and Holy Water Vial
– Added items: Short Bow, Iron Dagger, Balanced Sword, Broadsword, Bronze Chainmail, Mana Crown
– Short sword damage reduced by 20%
– “Investigate the Farm” progress per day 20 => 25
– Increased monetary rewards for completing Quests and Guild Jobs across the board

Minor changes:
– In “Welfare Check”, hotspots will now light up after a few seconds of being idle. This should help people with the attention span of a goldfish
– Added a tutorial for the collectibles that you can find during Adventuring
– Fortune Gems now stack in inventory
– Minor performance optimizations to battles
– Adjusted the quick menu visuals
– Darkness’s “How Far I’ve Fallen” will now list “The Things We Do For Crab Dinners” as a prerequisite
– “Welfare Check” now lists “House of Cards” as a prerequisite
– Weather is now pseudo-random. There is a 20% chance of rain within a given week and a half, which should prevent things like neverending rain. Additionally, it will never rain if there is only 1 day left before you’re jailed.
– You can no longer rollback after loading a save to prevent bugs
– You can now turn down Lolisa when she comes over
– Event Requirements will now specify who the event belongs to (if not part of Main progression). For example, “Welfare Check” lists “House of Cards” as a prerequisite and will specify that “House of Cards” is part of Yunyun’s progression
– Added rain ambience
– Updated explosion animation and cast sound
– You will need to complete new Dust event to be able to send him on adventures in the Guild Dispatch system
– The game will now launch in fullscreen by default.
– Added unique failure/success/critical success quotes to Rin, Dust and Roxy
– Added a new marker for Ero-events to separate them from normal events in choice menus
– Moved some Megumin and Darkness event triggers to “room_hangout”, so that its obvious an event is available
– Slightly reduced affection requirements for most main trio events

– Fixed a bug that prevented the use of Consumable items during Adventuring
– Fixed a bug that prevented Aqua’s “A Part-Time Gig” from being replayed
– Fixed a bug that could result in overlapping imagery in Chomusuke’s “Doorway Effect”
– Fixed a bug with the seen & total events counter which could result in an incorrect number displayed
– Fixed a bug which prevented the bear trap from being removed from the inventory. Thanks Ameffin for reporting!
– Fixed a bug which prevented addaffection cheat from working correctly if the player hasn’t met the character yet
– Fixed a bug with the loot popup, preventing it from fully disappearing
– Fixed a bug where AI would try to summon reinforcements even when its party was full
– Fixed a bug which could result in dealing too much extra damage on breaking an enemy’s shield
– Fixed inability to change Kazuma’s expressions while reading books
– Fixed issues with misaligned shop elements
– Fixed a bug with a replay in Darkness’ “Parenting” event. Thanks @musical74 for reporting!
– Fixed a HUGE bug related to AnimationStore which resulted in in being stored in the save file and not auto-refreshing on game start. Saves will be patched
– Fixed monster portraits clipping in the queue
– Many more minor fixes that I didn’t bother noting down

Adventurer Trainer v0.1.4

– +11k words
– +428 images, totaling 2640
– +4 videos
– Added Yunyun’s quest!
– +4 Main Events
– +1 Megumin Event
– +2 Wiz Events
– +2 Luna Events
– +1 Recurring Rin Dialogue
– +1 Rin Mini-Event
– +1 Aqua H-scene
– +1 Darkness H-scene
– +3 reactions to gifts

– It may rain on some days, precluding you from doing some of the outdoor activities.
– Some activities will now increase your stats! For example, spending a day doing construction work will increase your Health.
– You can now work at Guild, which will produce money, make you acquainted with new characters and potentially progress some quests.
– Reputation aspects now have icons. Dialogue options leading to an increase in one of the aspects will now be marked with an icon
– The numbers of seen and total events can now be found in the Event Tracker & Girls menus
– Added feats that you can learn from other people! They will affect gameplay in certain ways; for instance, lockpicking feat will allow you to pick locks while adventuring
– Added books that you can read, which may increase your stats, teach you abilities or feats

– Made MASSIVE performance optimizations. You should see drastic increase in FPS and a complete lack of stutter.
– Added a new type of Curio: locked chests! Once you learn the lockpicking feat from Chris, you’ll be able to open them
– Some adventuring scenes will now have foregrounds
– Mimic received a new look
– Updated some visual effects
– Some visual effects will now display at higher FPS (thanks, performance optimizations)
– Added a way to tell that a damage/heal value was boosted. Will consider additional changes to telegraph this effect to the player.
– Added Ambushes. Sometimes, the game won’t tell you you’re heading into a fight, and the enemies will get the first turn… Stay on the lookout!
– Added a type of Summoning abilities for monsters

– Reduced Skeleton’s shields from 2 -> 1. This should act as a good enough nerf for the Dungeon for the time being while I’m reworking some combat aspects.

Minor changes:
– Training with Darkness will now slowly increase her Accuracy up to +60.
– Added medals to Hall of Fame to further recognize my Patrons! The longer you’ve supported the game, the higher rank you’ll have. Supporters on annual plans will receive golden medals immediately
– New font for floating messages in adventuring
– Added a new overlay for when the player is skipping text
– Added an option to enable touchscreen controls on desktop platforms.
– Unique item drops are now also bound by requirements instead of pure random chance. For example, some items will require you see an event first before they can drop.
– Cheat menu will now display an invalid syntax error instead of erroring out in case of invalid input
– Touched up Wiz’s shop visuals

– Fixed Steal reducing enemy shields.
– Fixed arrow keys misbehaving during target selection
– Fixed some clipping visuals
– Fixed a bug that double-charged Megumin for using Explosion.
– Fixed a bug where overlays were not being cleared in adventuring mode.
– Fixed a bug that would result in quick menu disappearing after an adventure
– Fixed a bug which resulted in spawning significantly less Curios in adventuring than was intended

Adventurer Trainer v0.1.3

The main focus of this update is polishing and expanding the existing gameplay systems.
The story centers on developing the relationships with Megumin and Chris, as well as setting up the foundation for future events with Yunyun and Rin.

– +13k words, up to the total of 53k
– +618 images, totaling 2212
– +3 videos
– +4 Main Events (and 1 battle)
– +3 Chris Events (1 H-scene)
– +2 Megumin Events (1 H-scene)
– +1 Yunyun Event
– +1 Rin event
– +1 Chomusuke event
– +9 new adventure triggers
– +1 [REDACTED] mini-scene
– Added an opening movie
– Added 3 video animations to Aqua’s “Divine Time” event to replace stop-frame animations.
– Completely revamped Gabriel’s and Luna’s appearance.

– Completely redesigned the main menu and the game menu
– Items now have rarity levels which will be correctly displayed in the inventory screen
– Usable quest items will now be marked appropriately in the inventory
– Numerous screens are now animated and more responsive to user actions
– Made changes to the quick menu, hopefully making it more noticeable and removing redundant options
– Added an XP bar to the inventory. You can now track how close you are to hitting the next level!
– Added gifts that you can use to raise your affection levels. You can find them or buy them off of Wiz.
– Added Effects and Animations options to Preferences menu that the player can turn off in case the game isn’t running well on their device.
– Added a Reputation system; choices that you make may now change it, affecting the way the other characters will see you.
– Added a What’s New screen to showcase new features after an update.

– Replaced recurrent quests with Quest Director system, which will generate a random layout for each adventure you embark on. You can now choose which room to proceed to, allowing you to choose to avoid encounters or seek them out.
– You will now receive a popup message explaining why you can’t use a skill, for example when you’re out of mana or there are no valid targets
– Monster names will now be shown in target selection screen and during enemy turns
– With every hit, the monsters will flinch ever so slightly to emphasize impact
– Added animated backgrounds. Now the fog in the dungeon will move as it’s supposed to
– The chance to hit is now displayed when selecting a target
– Added a new type of miniboss: Skeleton King! You can find these formidable opponents in the tomb, but watch out: they excel at commanding their undead troops.
– Added a new type of enemy: Foxes! They’re cute. That’s about it
– Added collectibles. Keep an eye out for it!
– Added a new type of curio: fishing spots!
– Added a new type of curio: buffing and healing stations!
– Added a new animated popup to display item drops
– Clearing combat encounters can now provide loot
– Adventure buttons will now indicate the contents of the next room
– Added new reactions from party members to different events

– Direwolf miniboss can now use an AOE ability to increase dodge of the enemy party.
– Added Mana Potions, which can be found or bought at Wiz’s store.
– Kazuma’s Snipe now deals 30% more damage.
– Aqua’s Turn Undead is now an AOE skill. It will also display an additional visual effect.
– Skeleton’s HP reduced to 85.
– Aqua’s Heal now heals for 20% of a unit’s max HP, plus 20% per each boost point spent.
– Aqua’s Heal can now overheal units. However, it can’t target units with full HP.
– Reduced Aqua’s base strength by 2.
– Healing Potions can no longer target healthy units.
– Killing monsters now grants experience.
– Increased the amount of Gold that can be stolen from the Mimic to 350.
– Chunchunmaru.

Minor changes:
– Minor adjustments to Aqua’s, Megumin’s, Yunyun’s, Luna’s and Rin’s models and visuals.
– Megumin’s Explosion will now shake the screen and create an additional Explosion visual effect. A really really cool one. Thanks Leon.
– Updated Megumin’s Explosion visuals and sound effects.
– Mimic’s attack sound is now the chest open&close sound from Minecraft. Thanks Fjalar.
– Updated the visual effects for all normal attacks.
– Added a new visual effect for Boost level 2.
– Set the default character-per-second to 135.
– Added a tutorial arrow which will point to some things on the screen during tutorials
– Added a popup screen for when the player levels up.
– Added a Return button to adventure, allowing the player to return to the city outside of combat.
– Clicking on Construction will now prompt for confirmation instead of going straight into it.
– Compressed some less-used assets to save some space.
– “Polar Opposites” will now take prevalence over Succubi Cafe event when exploring the alleys.
– “Hecking Paperwork” will now require you complete “Gather Healroot” quest first.
– “A Business Arrangement” will now require a Salmon in your inventory
– “Long Live Sexual Assault” will now grant Bear Trap item, and if you decide to steal from Chris, a Panties item.
– “Extracurricular” will now require you see “Parenting”
– The bonus event in which you repay the debt you owe to the city will no longer show up in the tracker until you trigger it.
– When displaying the list of requirements for an event in event tracker, completed requirements will be marked with a checkmark.

– Fixed a bug in Quintessential Dream which prevented the replay function from exiting properly. Thanks Leon for reporting.
– Fixed a bug which could result with the Gift hint screen not going away. Thanks Fjalar for reporting.
– Fixed a bug which could result in an uncaught exception after selecting a potion, backing out, and attacking an enemy.
– Fixed a bug which resulted in textboxes not switching styles during H-scenes on Android. Thanks johncop for reporting.
– Fixed numerous bugs related to patching savefiles from older versions of the game.
– Fixed some minor clipping in Aqua’s visuals.


– Fix for Lolisa’s initial event not having the correct set of requirements and not triggering when expected
– Reworked “A Piggyback Ride for this Brat” event
– Graphic changes in “Polar Opposites” and “Hopeless” events
– Multiple changes to wording in early-game events.


This update focuses on events for Darkness, fleshing out the story and the characters.

– +13k words, up to the total of 40k
– +601 images, totaling 1594
– +7 videos
– 1 New Quest
– 4 Main Events
– 3 Darkness Events (1 H-scene!)
– Added the first ever Dream to Succubi Cafe, featuring Quintessential Quintuplets.
– 1 H-scene featuring one new succubi character.
– 3 Bonus Events (although, I don’t expect many people will see one of them)

– Fixed an issue where versions were not correctly compared when checking for updates in cases where the client’s version was higher than the one available online.
– Fixed a bug which could result in a game crash on Linux systems if a dependency was not resolved.
– Enabled version checking for Patreon builds.
– Added a marker to identify activities that will lead to events.
– Removed duplicate links in Event Tracker GUI
– Formatted gold counter in abbreviated notation when the number is high enough
– Added a patch to fix corrupted item IDs on load
– Added gestures to Android version
– Added more cheats.

– Fixed an issue where Steal was duplicated and given to all party members.
– Fixed a bug where an enemy would freeze mid-animation.
– Added a framework for in-combat responses to certain events.
– Fixed a bug where a character could stay alive at 0 hp.
– Fixed a bug where enemy crits would not deal any extra damage. Capped it at 1.5x.
– Added status effect icons to enemies.
– Added Intimidate ability to Darkness! Talk to her to unlock it.

Minor changes and balancing:
– Enemies with no shields will take extra damage from attacks of a damage type they’re vulnerable to.
– Enemies will receive 5% more damage when shielded from regular attacks.
– Changed some visuals to fix some wonkiness.
– Healing potions will now restore 30% HP.


This update focuses on events for Aqua & Megumin.

– +14k words, bringing the total up to 27k and essentially doubling the game’s content
– +413 images, totaling 993
– 3 new Megumin events, 2 Aqua events, 1 main event involving Wiz & Aqua, 1 Chris event, and two recurrent dialogues.
– 2 new H-scenes!
– Added the first secret H-scene! Be sure to check your inventory when you find a certain potion…

– Full Android support! During adventuring, mobile players will take advantage of on-screen controls to play. Please report any bugs/errors/issues regarding this.
– Hall of Fame added to the menu, crediting the generous Patrons who support the project!
– Added an Event Tracker, complete with a Replay system and categories!
– Added a fully functional inventory system, accessible from both in and out of combat. Stock up on those heals!
– Added the first iteration of the shopping system (which might see changes in the future to accomodate more features).
– Added an update checker! The game will show a notification in the main menu when a new version is available.
– Added a patching system for seamless upgrades between versions. No more unsupported save files!
– H-scenes will now display text differently to maximize what you can see on the screen.
– Added a cheat menu.
– Various spelling mistakes fixed and some sentences reworded.

– Fixed a bug which could result in an uncaught exception when Megumin uses her Explosion
– Added dynamic environment effects.
– Added animations to some monster attacks.
– Added bait animations.
– Added Steal ability. Talk to Chris to learn it!
– You can now use items during combat
– You can now find items in chests
– Fixed a bug that could result in accuracy/damage/crit bonuses not propagate properly when abilities were used
– Revamped the visuals of the Plains environment. Pixel art rules
– The visual environments are now procedurally generated, resulting in a much higher number of variations than I could make by hand.
– Revamped quest backend system to streamline updating experience to new versions. Fully backwards compatible, no need to start a new game.

Minor changes and balancing:
– Decreased Darkness’ base dodge attribute to -100 to stay in line with her character. No dodging allowed.
– Rebalanced attribute growth to have beefier, stronger characters at higher levels.
– Increased monetary reward for exploring city alleys, and added a possibility for a random Unique Item drop.
– Added new sound effects to various parts of the game. Sex sounds too!
– Fixed instances where Aqua had incorrect shoes on.
– Updated and changed some sounds.
– Added the link to discord in main menu.
– The events are now mapped by IDs vs names.


v0.1b Hotfix
– Fixes the Patreon link in the menu
– You may now get the buff/debuff details by hovering over its icon in adventuring mode.
– You may now get a tooltip for skills by pressing F in adventuring mode.

v0.1a Hotfix
– Fixes a bug that could lead to an uncaught exception during adventuring
– Added 1 H-scene

v0.1 – Initial release!
– 13k words
– 580 images
– 4 videos
– 2 H-scenes
– 1 story quest and 1 recurrent quest

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Mega Workupload

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